Ventilation – It’s super important in a Tiny House!

Think about the amount of heat, steam and smells that are created from your general day to day living at home… Now imagine all that condensed into one smaller space.

Heat, steam and smells can be created in the Kitchen: by the oven, microwave, toaster, steam from pots, and the jug boiling etc; in the Bathroom: steam from the shower, hot water taps, toilet smells, and hot bodies! the Laundry will even generate some heat while the washing machine is running, and don’t forget about the body heat generated by the lovely humans living in the Tiny House.

A Tiny House combines the separate rooms of a normal house, so that means the heat, steam and smells are now all in one place!

It’s important to plan for this, and here’s how we do it….
1) Cross Ventilation – opening windows at alternative sides of the home, especially in the mezzanine areas
2) Good size opening doors – we use French Doors or Ranch Sliders
3) Insect Screens – windows can stay open all day and night to allow the breeze to flow through for natural ventilation
4) Double Glazing – keeping heat out in the summer and keeping heat in during the winter
5) Tinted windows – Reflecting as much sun away in the summer, to keep the house cool
6) Rangehood – Must be a powerful unit, a good quality brand that vents outside, not recirculate. Keep in mind the noise, go for the quietest one where possible
7) Bathroom extractor fan – Needs to remove steam as quickly as possible, and smells…
8) Ceiling Fan – We recommend a good quality, quiet fan with two-way setting to push air either up or down depending on the season
9) Insulation – Our homes are thoroughly insulated! Walls, ceiling and underfloor.
• We also fit sheet steel under the floor which creates fantastic insulation and protects from road damage while travelling. It keeps rodents out and keeps the insulation nicely in place.
• Checkout our build gallery for more images

Creating great ventilation will not only reduce your power usage, keep your house dry and healthy but also make it a nicer place to live!

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