Letter to the Prime Minister – Affordable Housing Solutions

With the recent media release and interviews undertaken by the Prime Minister around providing some much needed affordable housing solutions. We took it upon ourselves to contact Jacinda and many other Ministers involved in Housing, Social Development, and Building/Development to educate them on the benefits of Tiny Housing and some changes in legislation which would create some more affordable housing options. You will find our letter below along with a very informative resource attached here which we forwarded on also.

Dear Ms Jacinda Adern,

I am writing in response to the discussion that you had in the media today regarding the need for more affordable housing options for New Zealanders.

We are a company who is dedicated to and passionate about assisting New Zealander’s to get out of renting and into their own homes; To help kiwis create incomes on their land; To create more warm, healthy affordable rental options; to create more sustainable living options; and to remove some of the financial strain on New Zealanders as a whole by lowering their living costs.

Please see the attached planning document “A Place for Tiny Houses” which was compiled in 2017 by a group of consultants and professionals in Australia for Australians, but one which can easily be adapted to New Zealand and our needs/requirements. It is extremely relevant and up to date in terms of technologies, innovations, issues and solutions. I hope you take the time to consider this as an option for the many New Zealand’s who are looking for more economically viable ways to live.

It is a solution which is sustainable, innovative and effective. Legislation is the one hurdle that stands in the way of this option making New Zealand a leader in providing harmonious, sustainable, affordable living solutions and micro communities. Current legislation does not easily allow for multiple dwellings on large or even smaller land parcels. Please see the attached document which proposes legislation options that can be applied which would allow Tiny Houses to be an affordable option for Kiwis.

We would love the opportunity to discuss this with you further. We are available to build these houses to Building Consent Standards as required. Alongside this we work with a company who are leaders in solar energy who are creating the most innovative solutions to power small communities (housing groups) in a small grid which ties in well with these Tiny house living options. They can also be wired/plumbed into the mains system as required by each client’s individual needs/wants. We are also currently working towards establishing relationships with Papakaianga groups also.

The cost for a Tiny House which can provide sleeping arrangements from 1-6 people (see article attached for Rotorua’s first 6 person Tiny House http://www.nzherald.co.nz/rotorua-daily-post/property/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503427&objectid=11955983 ) range from $100,000 – $140,000 + GST. This excludes building consent fees.

There are thousands of New Zealanders who are wanting to live in this way (Known as the Tiny House Movement). A way which requires less “stuff’, living smaller, living more sustainably and in some cases, living in conjunction with others. Land availability and legislation are the two things that currently stand in the way of making these dreams a reality for New Zealanders and you are in the position to make this all possible and to hold your head high knowing you have done all you can to look at alternatives for home owners and renters in New Zealand. To make New Zealand a leader in addressing the pertinent issues that come with a growing, changing population.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

Tiny House Builders”