FOCUS ON FEATURES – Episode 10 – Sofa

Custom fold out sofa bed with storage:
We custom make these couches to fit our Tiny House exactly! Living Tiny means you need to make use of every inch. We started looking for the perfect setting and the criteria was set:
Fold out sofa bed
Exact dimensions
Storage under
Selection of durable commercial grade fabric
New Zealand made
One arm on the stairs side
No arm on the walkway side
Commercial quality
We wanted something that also looked like it was from a standard home, not something that had a solid wood or pallet base. It needed to be extremely comfortable and usually solid base sofa’s aren’t. We could not find any sofa’s off the shelf that ticked all the boxes! So, we made one…
The sofa is more expensive than buying a ready made one, but you are going to use this piece of furniture more than you would a normal couch in a standard home. It needs to work in the space, have storage under, be comfortable AND it’s also the focal point as you walk in, so you want it looking amazing for a long time, not just the first couple of years. We think it’s money well spent!
Click on the image below to watch a video of our custom sofa and all its features.