The Design Process

A huge amount of time, research and planning goes into a new Show Home design, so we thought we’d share our process for the next one!

Firstly, we look for inspiration… constantly! Ideas and inspiration are everywhere.

The barn door on our last build was inspired by a house in Whitford that I drove past and loved the style. It was black board and batten home and had a beautiful cedar barn door across the entrance, so I stopped and took a photo!

Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram etc. are all great ways to find inspiration. The trick is not to get overwhelmed and try not to have too many conflicting concepts. For example, we have people asking if they can have a garage door entrance, sky lights and a deck on top… These concepts have been done so are possible (just not all in one build). Also, they are usually concepts from one-off bespoke builds, so the questions to ask is: are they functional, affordable and practical for day to day living?

Once we have a collection of images/ideas/concepts we then put all together onto an Ideas Board to see if we can see an overall theme. Ideas Board Pohutukawa Show Home 2019 image shown below.

The next step is to look at our most popular plan, the Pohutukawa and build on what works well, ask can we incorporate any of the idea’s clients have had, and how can we make it even better? We like to get these concepts down onto a floor plan to see the ideas come together.

Then, once we have a concept of the look and feel and the features, we start the theme. We create a Colour board to bring it all together. This takes time to build on the materials available and try to envision the space and how all the colours and finishes are going to work together!

We also work through this process with our clients and love that each build is unique to the owners.
We can’t wait to show you our completed NEW Show Home! Watch this space.