What is a Tiny House?

The term ‘Tiny House’ usually means a house built on a trailer and there’s a whole movement of like-minded people out there, particularly in the U.S and now developing in New Zealand, who are finding that this scale of dwelling really suits their needs. Inherently flexible, these Tiny Houses suit a variety of short and long term applications.

Our Tiny Houses are compact, fully functioning, transportable dwellings. They’re carefully designed and built to last. They offer high-end design and construction at an affordable, flexible, and low-impact scale.

Our Tiny Homes can also be used as B&B/ STUDIO / OFFICE / RENTAL SPACE and don’t need to be built with the kitchen or bathroom if they are not required.

Tiny Houses on wheels are perfectly suited for TEMPORARY AND RELIEF HOUSING – they can be shuffled and re-organised as the need arises.

Perhaps you’re planning your bigger dream home and want to live on-site during construction, or get to know the land while you’re still designing – keep it there and it’ll make the perfect flat or Air B&B when you’re done!